Welcome to the online home of the Braidwood Regatta

The Braidwood Regatta was re-started in 2012 by the Braidwood Service Team as a fund-raising event. This was so successful it was decided to make the Regatta a annual event. The Braidwood Regatta is a fun filled weekend which is open to all sections. There are many activities available on Saturday during the day and then in the Evenings there are our lots of 'oh argh's!' at the pirate themed discos. The highlight of the weekend is our Bottomless Boat Race where teams from all sections race against each other in their vessels.

This website contains photographs and results from previous Braidwood Regattas along with copies of letters and the event flyer can be found in our downloads section.

You can also book using our online booking system.

If you have any question or feedback about this event please feel free to contact us via the site or alternatively you can email info@braidwoodregatta.org.uk.

The first project the event will be helping to fund is the new campfire circle in the site which will be named in memory of a leader from 2nd Chesham and be called 'Wob's Way'. This is just the first of many projects the event is planned to fund and we will be announcing soon the start date for the work toward the campfire.

  • "3rd Marlow Bridge,D.F.D, Beavers"
  • "3rd Marlow Bridge, Wavey Blokes, Cubs"
  • "3rd Marlow Bridge, Yellow Submarine, Scouts"
  • "WSJ Japan Unit 8, Chopsticks, Explorers"
  • "Network:MK, Network:MK, Network"
  • "3rd Marlow Bridge, Bear Grylls Bitches, Veterans"
  • "WSJ Japan Unit 8, Fun Police, Incident Hike"
  • "5th Aylesbury, Luke Stride, Beaver, Reg Long Memorial"